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If you’re comparing Ronix vs Hyperlite, we have good news: you really can’t go wrong with either brand for wakeboarding or wakesurfing. 

Each brand made crucial advances towards the creation of the sports of wakeboarding and wakesurfing and each brand remains a strong competitor as evidenced by the Ronix and Hyperlite boards pros used to win competitions all over the world.

In this article, we’ll give you a brief background for each company and an overview of the brands’ leading products. 

Which is best may be a matter of opinion, but we can offer a few thoughts to help you pick the best board for your riding ability and style.

About Ronix

Ronix is a premier wakeboarding brand, credited for creating the first wakeboard in 1990. 

This independent company is run by master wakeboarders with mention made very early on their website of the pro2ess of the company’s owners – one can do a 1080 and the other can do a 1260! 

Though these guys obviously take pride in their trick mastery, they know what really matters – quality products. 

Ronix is proud to create products that take longer to make and can be ridden harder.

Ronix is a global company. 

They work with material suppliers in 14 different countries across 4 different continents, sourcing the best components such as new memory foam and superior woven glass.  

Ronix focuses on wakeboard and wakesurf technology, including boots and vests.

Collections by Ronix

Ronix features several popular collections targeting different riding styles and made specially for a variety of riders.

  • The Volcom Collection was Ronix’s first partnership and is represented by Massi, a rider more popularly known as The Pizza Boy.  This collection includes the brand’s M50 and Sea Captain boards, all-in-one surfers.  The Sea Captain has a narrower outline and features a thruster-inspired shape for powerful hold on the edge and impressive turning capabilities at speed.
  • The Flyweight Collection is one of the brand’s best selling collections.  This collection includes a Skimmer, Traditional Surfer, and Hybrid board – all made with lightweight materials and designed for less swing weight to enhance rider performance while mastering new tricks.  Boards in this line include the Skimmer, the Bat Tail, and the Conductor.
  • The Kinetic Project Collection features boards with targeted flex and boots with customized fit.  Two board options in this line feature a design that promotes higher top water speed with less rocker and reduced drag.  One is engineered for more snap off a feature and on-air maneuvers while the other offers a more locked-in feel on presses and greater rebounding coming out of a press.
  • The Top Notch Collection is the product of Ronix designers’ focus on creating a cable board series that was as soft and pliable as possible for a bigger sweet sport and a mor4 exaggerated performance on the press.  These all-over flex boards include the Top Notch Pro and the Top Notch.  These are the softest, most aggressive park boards Ronix makes with a shape that tracks harder for greater response and stability.
  • Signature Women’s Collection is a high-end series for female riders.  The Signature board is a 3-stage creation with a more reactive rockerline and traditional rails for enhanced aerial performance, added contact, and more reactive turning.
  • The Supreme Collection is engineered for progressive adaptability for riders who want “a little bit of everything.”  The Supreme Sandwich ATR feels like a wood park board but provides explosive take off as a result of its sandwich construction.  This is the only wakeboard with a sandwich construction on the market, combining an Air Core running tip to tail with a wood bottom.
  • The One Collection has been around since the inception of the Ronix brand.  Made for the rider who wants a classic 3-stage rocker, this series features two board options with different technology drivers.
  • The RXT Collection is a secret recipe featuring the most advanced technology Ronix has to offer.  Black Out Technology makes this board feel livelier, react quicker, snap harder, fly longer, ride faster, and land softer.
  •  The August Collection is a series for girls designed by girls.  Ronix describes this as a catalyst collection aimed at helping young female riders take their performance to the next level.  The August board features a symmetrical shape with asymmetrical features and Grom Glass construction for enhanced feel on the water, less swing weight in the air, and works with the ergonomics of wakeboarding – the only boardsport where hips and shoulders aren’t parallel.
  • The Super Sonic Collection is for kid’s surfing and equips kids for riding rope-;ess behind freshwater swells.  Featuring the Powertail, the Skimmer, The Boys Fish, and the Girls Fish, this collection contains fun board and performance oriented options for every child rider.
  • The Vision Boys’ Collection compliments the August collection with a series designed for boys by boys.  Designed for boys looking to elevate their freshwater performance, the Vision board features a rockerline shape that assists riders in developing a relaxed and neutral balanced riding position with less swing weight for more impressive aerial.

About Hyerlite

Hyperlite is a family brand dedicated to Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing. 

Originally operating under the HO Skis parent brand, the first ever compression molded Wakeboard, the Hyperlite, hit the market in 1991 – just one year after Ronix introduced their first-ever Wakeboard. 

The Hyperlite brand was born with this first Hyperlite board.  The brand is credited by many as the origin of the sport of Wakeboarding, with many innovations and technologies to its credit. 

The Hyperlite brand also developed Wakeboarding Magazine, a mag dedicated to bringing the sport of wakeboarding to life, connecting the community and spreading enthusiasm for this burgeoning sport.

Hyperlite dropped the HO name in 1995 and struck out on its own as an independent brand completely dedicated to wakeboarding and surfing.

Hyperlite Boards

The Hyperlite brand offers a large number and variety of boards as well as a signature collection resulting from Hyperlite’s partnership with Trever Maur.  

New for 2021, the Trever Maur collection features the Blueprint and Dipstick boards.  Available in two sizes, the Blueprint is the Trever Maur signature model. 

Described by Trever as the “softest landing board ever,” the Blueprint is user friendly for riders of all abilities because it can provide a freewheeling trick-orientated performance as well as a soulful and easy ride for new riders.

The Dipstick is available in three sizes and features full E-Core construction. 

The Dipstick was created for riders new to the cable and built tough for the abuse that comes with learning over multiple sessions. 

With a fully machined wood core and Urethane sidewall, the Dipstick flexes on the rails  for enhanced pop and ollie power that locks in on presses due to Trever’s dialed in tip and tail shape.

The rest of Hyperlite’s board offerings can be grouped into three categories: surf style, hybrid style, and skim style boards.  

  • Surf Style boards most closely resemble traditional surf boards.  These wakesurf boards are longer than hybrid or skim style boards with more volume for greater buoyancy.  Hyperlilte’s wakesurf lineup includes the Landlock , the Hyperlite Quad, and the Hyperlite X Superbrand Bucket Chucker.   THe Bucket Chucker is built for thrashing, while the Qua is engineered for hard presses and responsiveness generated by its quad-fin setup.
  • Hybrid Style boards are Hyperlite’s bread and butter.  This lineup includes the Hyperlite Broadcast, Hyperlite Time Machine, Hyperlite Shim, and Hyperlite Automatic. The Broadcast is described as the “family sedan of the wakesurfing world” because it is designed with beginners and intermediate riders in mind, combining durability with a performance punch. The TIme MAchine is an intermediate board engineered for riders moving into aerial maneuvers.
  • Skim style wakeboards handle a lot differently on the water than either surf or hybrid style boards.  These boards are geared towards trick-style and high performance riding styles.  This lineup includes the Hyperlite Hi-Fi, an expert level skim board featuring a carbon fiber core material that makes this board incredibly lightweight.  This is not a board for beginners, but seasoned riders will enjoy its playful feel.

Ronix vs. Hyperlite: Which is right for you?

Ronix and Hyperlite have been around since the inception of wakeboarding.  In fact, both brands are credited with crucial firsts and enthusiasts of the sport credit Hyperlite with the sport’s origin while Ronix is credited for bringing the first wakeboard to the market.  

Both brands are dedicated to crafting wakeboard and wakesurf models that enhance rider performance and enjoyment of the water.  

For park board riders and tricksters, the Hyperlite Trever Maur series really shines.  Designed by a pro and dialed in for trick performance, the Trever Maur series makes Hyperlite stand out. 

For performance riders, the Hyperlite boards are a great choice and often end up on the winner podium.

For beginners and intermediate riders, especially you riders, Ronix offers more options with specific boy and girl series. 

Ronix also features a signature series designed by and for women.  For freshwater and advancing riders, Ronix offers many user friendly options that appeal to a wide range of riders with varying ability levels.

Whether you favor Hyperlite or Ronix, both boards are readily available online and through brick-and-mortar retailers. 

While 2020 and the economic impacts of this tumultuous year have left the future of some surf brands in question, Hyperlite and Ronix have both put forth 2021 lineups rich in upgrades, new tech, and new designs.

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