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Surf booties are thick, waterproof socks that you wear when you’re in the water to help protect your feet and keep them warm. 

Just as you would use a wetsuit for your body, you use surfing booties for your feet for the same reasons. 

Surf booties are helpful because they help you keep your balance on your board and they keep your feet warm when you’re in the cold water.

One popular brand that makes surf booties is called Rip Curl.

This article will serve as a Rip Curl Flashbomb boots review to highlight this brand of surfing booties to help you decide if they will benefit your surfing.

Why surf booties are helpful


Surf booties help protect your feet from any abrasions due to sharp objects. 

You might find yourself surfing over coral or limestone banks, and if you end up scraping your feet on these, you could cut yourself. 

Booties also help protect against stingers it should you come in contact with a jellyfish or another type of fish that stings. 

Finally, they also help protect from UV rays from the sun.


Your feet can get very cold when you’re surfing, but the surfing booties help keep your feet warm. 

Since your feet help regulate your body temperature, keeping your feet warm will also help keep your body warm.

This will allow you to continue surfing and enjoying your water activities for a longer period of time without having to get out because you’re too cold.


Surf booties have a traction pattern on the soul that helps you grip onto the board so that your feet stay firmly planted and you keep your balance. 

This can be especially beneficial if you have not waxed your board or if your feet are numb because of the cold water.

Under these conditions, it would be a lot harder to keep traction if you were barefoot, which is where the surfing booties come in handy.

How to choose surf booties

While a lot of surfing booties look the same, they are not all created equal, and there are several factors you need to consider before buying a pair. 

Fit and comfort

You want your surfing booties to fit comfortably on your feet so that your activity is not interrupted by discomfort. 

Surf booties only come in whole sizes, so if you typically wear a half size, you will have to adjust. 

Each brand also uses its own template and its own sizing guide, so two pairs of booties in the same size from different brands can fit completely different.

As a result, make sure that you consult the sizing guide on each surfing company so that you can be sure you’re buying the correct size.

You want your booties to fit snugly but not too tight. 

If they are squeezing your feet, this can cut off your circulation.

If they are too loose and the material can be easily pinched, then your feet might slip around which would not help with your balance. 

Having a snug fit offers extra support and strength just make sure that you are not at all uncomfortable.


In addition to wearing the proper size, your surf booties should also adjust so that it can further fit to the size of your foot. 

If your booties slip around on your foot, this can lead to uncomfortable rubbing and it can also lead to your booties leaking water. 

The ideal material to use is neoprene because it is resistant to extreme weather and temperatures and also chemical spills, which makes it a great material to use in the ocean.

Additionally, there is now process where manufacturers can dip neoprene in latex.

This strategy is helpful because it gives you the thickness that you want for warmth and protection but keeps the booty light and flexible.

It also makes it more stable as you try to balance and helps improve your performance overall.

One thing to keep in mind is that while you don’t want your surf booties to be inhibiting, you don’t want them to be too thin either because they won’t hold up as well.

It is best to get a double-lined neoprene because it’s going to last a lot longer.


Usually surf booties are 3 mm to 7 mm thick. If you’re surfing somewhere where the water temperature rises up to the mid-thirties then, the 5 mm will work. 

The 3 mm is great for warmer months because your feet do not require as much insulation. 

On the other hand, if you’re going to be surfing in colder months or in colder regions of the world then choose the 7 mm surf booties because they’re going to keep your foot the warmest.


You have to be able to get traction while you’re surfing so that you can grip to the board and balance better. 

As a result, having a smooth sole is not ideal because this doesn’t involve a lot of traction, which means you will slide around a lot and not be able to stand up as easily. 

You want surf booties that have a more textured sole that’s going to give you a grip and traction when you’re trying to ride your board.


There are two types of footbed: round toe and split toe.

A round toe surf booty fits just like a normal shoe. 

These are the easiest to produce, which means there are usually less expensive. 

They’re also easier to find a good fit because they’re designed just like shoes where all of your toes go in the same footbed.

Split toe booties have a footbed that is split into two areas. Your big toe goes into the first section and the rest of your toes go into the other section. 

The benefit of having this type of booty is that it helps create balance which makes you better able to perform on your board.

It also helps your big toe grip better to the board because of the separation so that you don’t slide around or fall off.

You will have to decide which type of toe you want based on your own personal preference. 

Some surfers think that a round toe booty is not as secure because they can slip easier.

Some surfers feel that split toe booties are not as comfortable since your toes have to stay apart. 

It really comes down to your own personal preference and level of comfort because both types are going to be helpful while you’re surfing.

About Rip Curl

Rip Curl was founded in 1969 by Brian Singer and Doug “Claw” Warbrick and has been one of the leading brands for surf and snow equipment ever since. 

Rip Curl has a vision of being considered The Ultimate Surfing Company, and there are several huge steps they have taken to earn that title. 

First, they work with a surf team of champions, from the top global athletes to regional rising stars. 

Also, when Rip Curl sponsored the 1973 Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach, they became the first company to sponsor a professional surfing event. 

Rip Curl was built on experience, for it was built by surfers who understand what the needs are for surfing equipment.

They strive to make the best products, display the best customer service, and put on the best events. 

Rip Curl Flashbomb Boots Review: Are they right for you?

There are several different pairs of Flashbomb booties to choose from. 

All the Flashbomb booties were designed to withstand the cold weather and keep your feet warm even if you are in the water for a long time. 

They are made with Rip Curl’s signature Flash Lining technology. This technology makes the booties warm and they also dry faster.  

They have a 0.6mm rubber role with a textured grip print that helps with grip and structure while still being flexible. 

There is an ankle and foot strap that makes them easy to secure to your foot, put on, and take off. 

The seams are sealed to help protect against ripping or unraveling. This also helps keep your body heat trapped inside to keep your feet insulated and warm.

They are also treated with an anti-stink treatment that helps prevent any odor. 

There are two different types of footbed choices: round toe or split toe. 

The rounded toe booties come in 5mm or 7mm thickness option, and the split toe booties come in a 3mm or 5mm option. 

These booties come in a range of sizes, from a size 4 to a size 13. 

In addition, there is also a 7mm round toe pair of booties that has been redesigned. The have the same flash lining with additional E5 flash lining tape to help keep in warmth.

They also have a sitichless compression strap and a Velcro shaft closure that keep the booties securely on your feet with no risk of slipping.

There is also a pair of 3mm split toe booties that is specifically designed for women. This pair has the same redesigned features as the 7mm pair mentioned above. 

While this is the only pair specifically labeled for women, women should be able to find any of the Flashbomb booties in their size as long as they pay attention to the sizing guide. 

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