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The Naish Hover 130 is designed to soar with a smooth and responsive foil ride perfect for a particular kind of foil rider. 

If you’re looking for a Naish Hover 130 review, we’ll provide an overview of this board’s design concept and tech specs as well as some thoughts on the kind of rider that this foil machine was built for.

A quick word about Naish

Surfers, kiteboarders, hydrofoilers, SUP riders – water sports enthusiasts no matter their sport have in common a drive to experience the ride. 

The companies that cater to this crowd are no different, chasing passion not just to make money but because they genuinely want to more deeply enjoy the ride, too.

Naish does a good job of communicating their passion for the ride as they detail the company’s history. 

Leading with a simple call to action, This Is Your Moment, Naish explains a rider’s view of time: measured in the seconds spent shooting through a  barrel or the minutes shaved off a rider’s fastest downwind time. 

The idea that riders have in common a drive that compels them to make memories on the water is a beautiful idea.

Naish has been in the business of crafting watersport equipment since 1979. 

Entering the surfing arena first, Naish has expanded into SUP, windsurfing, kiting, and continues to expand their surfing lineup with options for riders of every experience and ability level.

The Naish Hoverboard series

The Hoverboard lineup is an interesting series with multiple boards carrying the HOver name yet featuring vastly different shapes and sizes. 

This incredibly popular series benefits from the diversity in its lineup because it offers options for riders of all experience levels.

The Hover 160 is the line’s board catering to beginner riders and the HOver 130 is the line’s performance sandwich wafer. 

Inspired by a surfer’s longboard and featuring surfboard construction, the 160 is ideal for first time foilboarders. 

The 130, on the other hand, is truly a performance board meant for riders driven to progress in skill and style.

Shape elements for performance enhancement

The tech specs of the Hover 130 demonstrate Naish’s dedication to the highest quality for the greatest performance from their boards.

Shaping is huge when you consider a board because there are several shape considerations that really impact the way a board feels and responds on the water.

The Hover 1310 features a flat tail and midsection. 

This feature is important for intermediate and expert riders because it creates an early planing surface to allow riders to start performing sooner. 

Rounded edges along the board enhance grip and make for a more forgiving ride, providing plenty of support to riders aggressively seeking new heights of performance.

Another key shape feature of the Hover 130 is its nose.  This board features a V-nose shape with beveling. 

This nose shape transfers to a V-bottom and features a pulled-up nose shape that reduces pearling when riders touch down, again creating a more forgiving ride and allowing riders the peace of mind and confidence to try new aerial maneuvers.

Tech Specs of the Hover 130

The Naish Hover 130 is a 4’3” board.  It is 16 ½” wide to support a variety of stance and postures and ½” thick. 

The board’s overall volume is 5L. 

This super thin board is great for heavier winds, with a construction engineered for slicing up waves and laying into hard carves.

.The Hover 130 is a CNC shaped board.  This production method produces absolute precision in shaping for a highly engineered degree of response to rider input.  

The board features a Paulownia low density wood core.  This core material imbues the board with maximum stiffness while keeping weight at a minimum for easier launching. 

Riders looking to water start will appreciate this feature – as will those who have to lug their board over long distances to reach the water.  

There are three different glass aspects to this board that dramatically increase the board’s strength and equip this board to withstand the forces of water, wind, ambitious riders willing to wipe out in pursuit of better trick styling, and kiting. 

Biax 450 Glass is a no-crimp, high strength stitched fiberglass that enhances the board’s overall durability. 

UD 300 Glass is a unidirectional E-glass fabric incorporated for its high fiber content and ability to achieve and maintain high performance even in difficult conditions. 

UD 300 Glass patches have been added to areas of the board Naish engineers know to need the extra strength allowing designers to keep this board lightweight without sacrificing essential strength.

Naish didn’t just focus on rider performance, they incorporated elements to enhance rider comfort, too. 

The deck pad is a Full 3-D double density deck pad that incorporates strategic texturing, a waffle weave, for added traction while providing riders with extra comfort and cushioning that comes in handy particularly when landing the aerial at speed. 

This deck pad also improves the board’s flotation, stretching from rail to rail and running three-quarters up to the board’s nose.

Customizing the Hover 130

Customizing the Hover 130 is easy because this board offers rider’s some powerful options for creating a level of performance and response that matches their size, ability, and style.

This board features several insert options. Riders have three forward options in both a centered or duck stance for the front foot and three options for backfoot positioning. 

The waffle wave along the 3-D deck pad also features a solid kick-stop bump near the back that helps riders keep their back foot on the board.

Riders have the ability to further customize the Hover 130 to meet their size, ability, and performance needs. 

Four aluminum tracks make it easy for riders to quickly adjust the foil forward and aft, changing the way the board tracks and responds on the water.

Foil Compatibility

This is a board designed for experts and, as such, pairs nicely with foils featuring longer mast lengths.  The Hover 130 is at its best with a foil mast as long as 65 or 75 cm in length.

In terms of kiteboards, the Hover 30 features a relatively shallower track system.  For riders, this means the need for shorter screws, such as those supplied with the board.

The track system will work with a variety of Naish foils and even many fold from other brands but riders absolutely much use the screws that come with the board unless using a foil that comes supplied with short screws that work with this track system.

There are several foils that Naish recommends pairing with the Hover 130. The Kite 810 Complete and the Kite 960 Complete are both sold separately. 

Naish’s Jet foils, designed for kite, surf, wake, and windsurfing, also work really well for this board.

The Naish Thrust is a very popular Naish foil, but this foil requires riders to use the short screws that cover with Hover. 

The Thrust comes with longer screws and these will not work with the Hover’s track system and will not create the secure connection necessary for superior performance.  

What kind of rider is the Hover 130 made for?

There are all kinds of foil riders and the growing popularity of the sport means there are new riders learning to foil every day. 

Dubbed the future of watersports, foil riding is growing more attainable through designs that focus on user friendliness to appeal to beginners.

This, though, is not such a board.

The Hover 130 can be ridden by beginners but it wasn’t designed for newbies.  This board was specially crafted for intermediate-to-expert riders with a drive for progression.   

Riders looking for responsiveness and performance will most enjoy this board and will appreciate design features like the V-nose with bevel that reduces the potential to pearl when touching down.

Don’t get us wrong, this is a user-friendly board. 

Rounded edges and an early planing surface make this a forgiving ride for aggressive riders bent on expanding their trick style and driven to achieve new performance heights. 

This board’s lightweight design is perfect for advanced foilers that frequently waterstart and also performs well with easy pumping when the situation is underpowered and riders need to put in a little more input to get onto the foil.

Naish Hover 130 Review: Expertly designed for expert foilers

The Naish 130 is one of the brand’s most popular boards for expert foil riders and the brand continues to invest in this board concept, upgrading and refining for a more expert ride. 

This is the lowest volume foilboard available on the market, with a minimalist design and thin profile that provides riders with precise and direct control when on the foil.  

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