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Ease, stability, and freeride performance have defined the Magic Ride lineup of windsurf boards since its inception. 

With the original board in this line, designers focused on ease-of-use but each generation there after introduced shape refinements to create a livelier, more agile board with enhanced control for chop without ever losing the board’s easy plug-and-play style.

If you’re looking for a JP Magic Ride 111 review, the highlights and specs of this model in the lineup are sure to bring images of easy gybes that smoothly glide through turns. 

If you’re looking for a board with a sporty and energetic character but don’t want to waste precious time on the water finagling with setup, the Magic Ride 111 offers riders performance to push their ride to the next level with all of the speed and ease only a Magic board can deliver.

The concept behind the magic of the Magic Ride lineup

The concept behind the Magic Ride features pro shaper Werner Gnigler’s magic touch. 

Gnigler took features from classic freestyle wave boards to enhance the Magic Ride line with more grip and consistency. 

These boards feature a combination of low overall thickness and thinner rails to drastically improve easy gybes.  

The Magic Ride boards also feature a wide body concept.  The wider body design creates ease and comfort for riders while dramatically improving the board’s stability on and off the plane. 

Magic Ride boards incorporate special ricker lines for a more passive planing experience, eliminating a rider’s need to pump or master special – and often tricky – techniques to achieve a steady plane. 

This design concept doesn’t rely on a big sail to achieve powerful planing – Magic Ride boards easily plane even when rigged with small sails and accelerate quickly.

Short, wide boards are popular for advanced riders for their maneuver-oriented performance, but these boards often suffer control issues when water conditions get choppy. 

The Magic Ride stays magical even in choppy water conditions because the design concept the Magic Ride 111 is built upon puts the maximum width of the board front and center for a smoother, more even outline capable of generating great control even at high speeds.  

The Magic Ride 111 Shape

The shape of a windsurf board is powerful, determining a rider’s ability to harness the wind and power of the water to ride, carve, and gybe. 

The MR 111 shape does just that with an unexpectedly easy approach that feels natural in the water.

The platform of the 111 features adjusted proportions.  This platform is thin and wide, allowing plenty of room for rider comfort. 

A smooth deck shape and multiple foot strap option build on this room shape for even more comfort no matter the foot strap position riders choose. 

The board narrows at the center and features a longer waterline that improves planing, allowing riders enough lift to effortlessly plane easily and earlier.

The nose and tail shape of the 111 perfectly balance control while promoting a lively feel. 

The wide nose shape gives the 111 a more stable platform when the board is non-planing while the wide tail outline reduces drag and affords riders more release to improve a riders control of the board in high winds.   

Even parts of the board you don’t see are working to make the 111 dance on the water. 

The optimized V-flow shaping under the board makes the ride more comfortable and enhances the skate-like feel of this board while creating good leverage to load up the 111’s fin.

The 111 design keeps the setup’s center of gravity close to the mast’s base. 

The board’s even volume distribution makes this centering possible and provides a more consistent feel on the water. 

Magic Ride 111 Tech Specs

Tech specs for the Magic Ride 111 can be found here.  The board measures 239cm in length and boasts an impressive 72 cm in width.  The 111 model is named for its volume, 111L.  

The Magic Ride 111 is ideal for sails sizes ranging between 5.7 and 7.5. 

The board’s range of recommended sail sizes is much broader, though, and it will handle sails as small as a size 5.0 and as large as an 8.0. 

The unique shape of the Magic Ride means you can expect the speed and ease associated with a larger sail even when rigged with a small sail.

In terms of sail recommendations, the Magic Ride 111 works with a wide range of sail types. 

This board will easily sport a maneuver-oriented freeride sail, eave freeride sail, as well as a performance freeride sail. 

The Magic Ride will also work well with a no-cam sail, allowing intermediate riders the convenience and ease of a no-cam performance freeride sail without minimizing the board’s performance.

Two construction options and loads of tech

JP spares no technology when creating the easyriding freeride Magic Ride lineup. 

These boards are available in two different constructions, each featuring some of the industry’s most advanced tech.

The ES construction is one of the easiest planing and gybing boards.  With a bottom V shape optimized for control, this board allows even new and intermediate windsurfers the necessary power and control to fly. 

The ES features a Powerbox fin box and comes with a Ride 36 fin. 

For new riders and youth riders, the Magic Ride 111 ES is an easy board to learn and ride on. 

Riders struggling to conquer their first gybes will appreciate the ease of the ES and the confidence this board gives riders as they pull off those first gybes. 

Pro Windsurfing teacher Robby Swift describes the Magic Ride as a breakthrough board for helping riders overcome the difficult milestone of mastering gybes in the progression of windsurfing skills.

The ES is a great board for riders developing their windsurfing skills, but the LXT construction is the go-to option for riders who want to expand their ride style into the world of foil windsurfing. 

Key features of the LXT include a Foil-Powerbox. 

Combining this foil box with the NPO Glide wind foil, the Magic Ride 111 is easily one of the easiest setups for beginning foil riders. 

The LXT also features an increased bottom V shape for more control and enhanced rider comfort as well as parabolic rails. 

Based on rails more typical of freestyle wave boards, the rails on the Magic Ride produce a smooth and easy consistency, carving the same radius with every turn.

Magic Ride 111 and its true freeride feel

The Magic Ride 111 is a true freerider.  On the water, everything that happens as this board easily sets sail is natural and predictable, making it a great option even for newer riders. 

In fact, the Magic Ride 111 design incorporates autopilot-like qualities that require very little rider input and afford riders a degree of forgiveness that allows intermediate riders the grace to dramatically increase their success rate with gybes.

For advanced riders, the Magic Ride 111 encouorages riders to push harder and fully dedicate to the corders with the Magic Ride’s intense rail bite. 

Tight turns, classic freestyle duck gybes, and 360 carves are all within reach on the Magic Ride 111. 

Though the board’s easy planing appeals to new and intermediate riders because it requires such little effort to get going, the board’s design and shape offer advanced riders plenty to work with to take their performance style to the next level.

If you’re riding the LXT MR 111, your choice of foil changes the way this board dances over the water. 

JP’s freeride guide, found here, lists the foils they recommend for this board. 

An important consideration to remember is JP’s reminder to get the right adapter to ensure your foil fits securely within the Foil-Powerbox.

JP Magic Ride 111 Review: New sizes and upgrades for 2021

The Magic Ride 111 got a facelift for 2021 that includes a new size.  For 2021, this board comes in a new volume with the Magic Ride 119 to make this board easy to sail and gybe. 

The 2021 Magic Ride 119 is the perfect cruising board, taking the 111’s best features and building up these for more comfort and a livelier feel.

The 2021 Magic Ride lineup still features the line’s thin, wide platform. 

Updates to the shape include a slightly narrower center and more length, stretching out the waterline for easier and earlier planing. 

These shape enhancements lift the board on the plan with less effort from riders while providing riders with greater directional stability and even more upwind power. 

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