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2020 was full of mayhem, but this year brings some great Hyperlite Agent wakeboard packages to the market. 

With several binding options to choose from to customize your fit and ride, these packages create explosive, responsive wakeboarding setups that feature enhanced comfort for riders and the capability of landy crazy huge airs.

If you’re looking for a Hyperlite Agent wakeboard review, you’re sure to run into these packages – they are a hot item on the wakeboard scene right now. 

This article delivers the inside scoop on the wakeboard itself, which serves as the anchor of these awesome setups.

Who makes the Hyperlite Agent wakeboard?

Some credit Hyperlite as the origin of the sport of Wakeboarding.

The Hyperlite brand originated with a single wakeboard released in 1991. 

HO Skis brought to market the first ever compression molded wakeboard and, with it, gave birth to a new brand and community for people who think of wakeboarding as a way of life.

In 1992, the brand released a new concept in wakeboard design. 

Working with designers and pro wakeboarders Erc Perez and Darin Shapiro, Hyperlite created a board with more phasers, sharper rails, and a unique tip channel. 

The Hyperlite Pro gave riders more maneuver capabilities with this design engineered to help the board ride switch or backwards.

In 1993, The inaugural issue of Wakeboarding Magazine hit the stands. 

Hyperlite Team Rider Darin Shapiro brought the sport of wakeboarding to life, owning the water with incredible aerials across the magazine’s cover.    

By 1995, the brand dropped the HO name.  The original HO name still stood strong in the skiing world, but the Hyperlite name was more than ready to stand on its own.

A facelift for the 2020 Agent Wakeboard

The Agent got a facelift for 2020, featuring enhanced shaping and innovative material construction to create Hyperlite’s most dynamic Agent wakeboard yet.  

This year, the agent features a new thinner shape. 

Drawing from Hyperlite’s Marek and Murry pro model boards, the Agent’s mew thinner and more lightweight design makes it this year’s most explosive wakeboard to hit the market.

The 2020 Agent also features upgraded hardware.  The new Agent boards incorporate M6 hardware. 

This upgrade may not seem flashy or exciting, but M6 hardware is an industry leading approach to providing riders with the most secure wakeboard and binding inserts. 

This new hardware makes more secure fit through a rider’s boots, minimizes heel lift for enhanced rider safety and a more responsive board. 

If you’re still not convinced that an M6 hardware upgrade is worth noting, check out this article for a really detailed explanation on why M6 binding inserts are better for wakeboarders.

The Agent’s subtle profile 

The Agent is designed for explosive air and advanced maneuvers so it may be hard to believe anything about this board is subtle. 

The profile, however, features a subtle stage 3 rocker engineered for flying off wakes with zero rider effort.  

A stage 3 rocker is a stable platform for riders. 

This design element makes those daring maneuvers possible by giving riders the control they need to master the speed and pop the Agent delivers.  

4 removable fins further enhance rider control and pair well with the board’s variable edge design through the rails. 

Creating a mellow edge for rider comfort under the feet, these rails grow progressively sharper and more cupped in the tip and tail of the board. 

With this rail shape and the Agent’s subtle profile, riders can expect fast, free riding on the flats and an impressively aggressive edge hold for tighter, more controlled turns. 

Advanced material technology in the new Agent wakeboard

What’s a secret agent without some innovative technology hidden away? 

This year’s 2020 Agent features serious tech developed by some of the world’s leading materials producers such as Down Chemical. 

Dow’s Bio2 material at the core of the Agent was specially created to produce a unique combination of swing weight and durability. 

This material was engineered with recreational and advanced riders in mind, ensuring the Agent is durable and strong.

The board also features a hybrid layered glass construction. 

While boards with a traditional layered glass fiber construction eventually deteriorate as the glass fibers begin to separate, Hyperlite crafted the Agent using a specialized layered glass construction for longer-lasting durability and construction integrity to ensure riders enjoy the same explosive pop year after year.

Revamped bindings for maximum comfort and minimum fuss

Revamped binding for the 2020 season focused on comfort, ease of use, and responsiveness.  GThese goals are achieved with Hyperlite’s Low Pro Plate System.  

This binding system minimizes material and reduces flex riders’ experience between their feet and the board to improve control and create a more responsive feel in the board. 

Hyperlite’s Low Pro Plate System is one of the thinnest constructions on the market. 

Less flex and a thinner design result in a seamless transfer of power from your boots to your board.

The rear zone of the Agent’s binding features improved cushioning for maximum comfort. 

This rear flex zone makes it easy to don and doff the Agent’s bindings. 

With an all-new dual density EVA padded footbed design, you won’t want to to doff this system quickly as the upgraded padding through the toe and heel noticeably improve rider comfort with adding unnecessary weight 

The footbed design specifically increases support where riders need it, with extra cushioning for landing impressive airs easily ever time. 

Additional metal inserts in the mounting bracket enhance the overall durability of the board and binding system, too.

Size considerations for riders on the Agent Wakeboard

Size is an important consideration for riders looking at the Agent wakeboard. 

This board is designed with a OSFM, or One Size Fits Most, concept in mind but its core range of 8-14 means this board may perform best with riders at the lower end of each model’s weight range.

Still, there are three different size options in the Agent lineup that allow riders to choose a board that will work best with their weight on the water. 

Each board, according to the manufacturer, actually boasts an impressive weight range. 

The 134 is designed with the smallest riders in mind, with a weight range of 110 pounds to 180 pounds. 

The 138 is the middle size in the lineup and this board will support riders ranging from 130 pounds all the way up to 210 pounds. 

The largest model in the lineup, the 142, accommodates riders weighing 150 pounds or more. 

This larger board doesn’t come with a recommended top end weight, but the middle size will work for riders weighing 200 pounds or more so the larger size is likely to work for riders well above that.

For heavier riders, those in the neighborhood of 250 pounds, longer boards tend to offer more surface area and are usually heavier constructions so heavier riders benefit from added control and the ability to better support a rider’s extra weight. 

Experience is a must for heavier riders on a shorter wakeboard because heavy riders really need to understand how to leverage balance and positioning on the board for balance and control on a shorter wakeboard. 

Shorter boards are best for maneuvering air spins and developing a trick style but, again, heavier riders really need experience and a well developed sense of their own body on the water.

The Agent wakeboard will, according to Hyperlite, support riders weighing more than 210 pounds and possibly much more, but this is not Hyperlite’s best option for heavier riders. 

If you’re looking for a wakeboard and weigh 250 pounds or more, Hyperlite’s Machete is designed to provide heavier riders with a performance board more than capable of mastering dynamite maneuvers.

If you’re wondering where your weight falls on the spectrum, check out this Hyperlite Wakeboard Size Chart.  The Chart also allows you to compare other boards by the manufacturer.

Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Review: Package pairings for more responsive drive and pop

The Agent is an impressive specimen behind a boat but all-new packages for the 2020 season offer riders options to customize their riding experience and achieve the level of responsiveness, drive, and pop to enhance a rider’s own unique style.

Popular packages pair the Agent wakeboard with Hyperlite’s most advanced and competitive bindings. 

Frequency bindings feature maximum EVA padding through the footbed to make landings easier and support daring riders as they race and jump all day on the water. 

 Another popular package pairs the Agent wakeboard with Hyperlite’s Destroyer binding. 

Based on the Frequency binding design, the Destroyer features a rear flex zone designed to reduce abrasion to the back of a rider’s legs. 

With even more padding added to the underside of the Destroyer, this package combo is greater for riders with a performance style on the water and a tendency to take air.

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