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Well-fitting and comfortable. Isn’t that the balance we’d like to strike in every aspect in life?

When it comes to attire, shoes and bras top the list of most desirable, yet elusive garments.

If you are a female kiteboarder, get ready to add one more to that list: the kiteboarding harness.

Naturally, harnesses accommodate women’s and men’s bodies differently. Adding in individual skill and riding style, finding the best women’s kiteboarding harness is a careful process of consideration. 

Ladies, when shopping for a kiteboarding harness, don’t discount that women’s bodies are different than men’s.

Accordingly, harnesses sit differently on different bodies and body types.

Where fit begets safety, target women specific models as these will be better suited for female forms.

No matter which style harness you ultimately select, don’t skimp. Harnesses are as undervalued in kiteboarding as they are necessary.

Make the investment of time to find a proper fitting and comfortable kiteboarding harness. If it’s not comfortable on land, it won’t be comfortable on the water.

Let’s drill down and explore what to look for.

Harness Styles

  • Hardshell: The outer construction of a hardshell harness is rigid and has less give. It is sturdy and doesn’t collapse under pressure. Ideally the inner side will back support with cushion.
  • Softshell: Opposing hardshell harnesses, softshells provide structure while more allowance for flex in motion. Unsure if your harness is hard or softshell at first glance? Without putting it on, give it a squeeze on the hip points. If the sides cave towards the middle with pressure, you’re boarding with a softshell harness.
  • Hybrid: Hybrids blends hard and softshell with structured construction of soft materials
  • Seat: A nice option for beginners, a seat harness has a lower hook point and offers more back support.

Riding Styles

  • Beginner: One purchase combines a waist and seat harness. With a detachable seat you have the choice of when to graduate from seat to waist.
  • Freeriding: Freeriders skim the waves, generally without unhooking. For this style look for a larger profiled harness offering greater back support.
  • Wave riding: Sliding over and darting through waves calls on mobility within the harness. Hook systems make the difference here. A rope yields more range of motion over a hook when wave riding plus the hook may be cumbersome and uncomfortable in this context.
  • Freestyle: Low profile harnesses allow more freedom for mobility when freestyling, inviting free flowing movement including catching big air in jumps or aerial tricks.


Adjusting your harness to properly fit your body is imperative. Some riders experience harnesses that ride up once in motion.

A well-adjusted kiteboard harness for women can still move around and in some cases it could be desirable.

Beginners still learning to negotiate kite resistance can expect even a well-fitted harness to ride up when the kite pulls you up.

Once you become stronger and versed in kiteboarding, riding up should diminish. 

Women’s bodies are naturally curvier than men’s, adding an extra layer of consideration to harness qualities. 

  • Moveable: If you prefer a harness that has mobility on your body, a slick neoprene interior will glide more easily over skin.
  • Fixed: Harnesses coated with gripping materials cling to your back, holding the harness in place as you move atop the water while controlling a kite from below.

Best Women’s Kiteboarding Harness

There are a number of kiteboarding harness options that can potentially work well for use with women. It’s important to always consult an industry professional before use.

The following options may work well for your kite boarding needs.

Mystic Womens Passion Seat Kitesurf Harness 2019 – Purple

The Passion Seat Harness is designed with the woman’s body in mind and contours accordingly.

Neoprene cushioned leg straps hold the seat in place, reducing harness ride up and encroachment on your rib cage.

Side release leg strap buckles pull double duty letting you slip into your harness as easily as you can quickly release for exit.

As a seated harness, this is a great choice for women looking for a lower anchor point when riding. Further distributing load is the spreaderbar.

With two points of fixation placed in separate places this harness disburses force evenly and with benefit to any female kiteboarder opting into this Mystic seat harness.

The spreader down systems works in tandem with the leg straps to prevent ride up.

Double power leash rings are located in the front. The stainless steel hook offers swift and accessible connection with the Mystic Bananabar spreaderbar, included with this harness.

The Bananabar spreader bar is cushioned with foam for comfort, quick release, and has an integrated knife pocket.

Mystic offers other spreaderbar options sold separately as your kiteboarding career expands.

Beginners will welcome reassurance. With a grab handle on the back of the Passion harness, you can receive anchoring support from a friend or teacher; a literal hand on your back.

View at Amazon for more information on how this harness might work for a women.

Mystic GEM Womens Kitesurf Harness 2018 – Bruna Kajiya – Black

Who better to design a kitesurfing harness for women than a woman pioneering the sport.

Mystic got it right in partnering with Brazilian born female kitesurfer Bruna Kajiya.

As the first female kitesurfer to land a backside 315 (a 540-degree rotation with a double handle pass) Kajiya’s knowledge of the best kiteboarding harness for women comes first hand.

The GEM is a waist hardshell harness keeps you supported through complex aerial movements.

The bionic core frame preserves structural integrity and the 3D-moulded foam interior invites you to make this harness your own.

This is a low profile waist harness granting full mobility however not as much back support to lean on.

Still gaining physical strength and kiteboarding know-how? This harness may not be for you just yet. 

Form fitting Intelligent Viscoelstic foam conforms to your curves with each wear.

EVA foam hugs your body with comfort and prevents slippage from the inside.

A battlebelt waist closure keeps this harness in place from the outside.

Further comfort exists in neoprene lined edges protecting your skin from rubbing and rash.

Front leash attachment makes quick release accessible. A discreet external pocket houses your keys while on the water.

A spreader bar is not included with this harness but Mystic’s vast product line offers many compatible options suited to your preferred kitesurfing style.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this kite harness might work for you.

Featured image credit: DepositPhotos.com

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