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Wakeboarding has quickly become one of the most popular water sports over the past three decades.

The rider is fastened to a board in a similar fashion to snowboards, and then they are towed by a motorboat where the rider can cruise along the surface of the water or perform tricks like jumping the waves.

Learning any new sport can be a challenge, but wakeboarding is a great way to spend some time in the water and out of the summer heat, particularly in Utah.

Best lakes in Utah for wakeboarding

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is technically a man-made reservoir but it is one of the best lakes in Utah for wakeboarding!

It is near the border between Utah and Arizona.

It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country and it is the perfect place to have fun wakeboarding.

Matador Network even named the place one of the top wakeboarding spots in the US!

You can get in the water as early as April since the water is one of the warmest in Utah.

It is surrounded by beautiful red rocks so you will get incredible views while you practice your wakeboarding skills!

It is also relatively remote which means you won’t have to fight the crowds!

It is a great place to go camping, kayaking, fishing, wake surfing, and of course wakeboarding.

You can even relax on a tube with a beer if that’s more your style!

There are some regulations regarding boating in the area.

Utah requires children between the ages of 12 and 17 to have a boating education course before operating a boat on the water.

There are some areas where you have to be at least 16 to operate a motorboat.

If you are just learning how to wakeboard, there are lessons available that range between $175 and $750.

There are a number of different access points that depend on the water level.

Be sure you contact the National Park Service to see the marina availability and current conditions to find the perfect access point.

Flaming Gorge

Flaming Gorge is another lake on the border between Utah and another state.

This one is located by Wyoming and it is considered to be one of the best secret wakeboarding spots in the world.

It is only a 3-hour drive from Wyoming. This Lake is considered very reclusive and it is one of Utah’s best-kept secrets.

There are three full-service marinas to store and launch the boats. It is one of the largest lakes for boating, jet skiing, wakeboarding, and even staying in houseboats.

There are more than 42,000 acres of water to practice your wakeboarding skills.

It is important to bring your wetsuit though because the water stays quite cool, even in the summer.

It is also a beautiful place to catch some trout since it is the breeding ground for a lot of trout!

If you want to ride the water in a glassy state, get up with the sun, and hit the water.

There are hardly any other people out on the water at that time so there aren’t other boats chopping up the water.


Jordanelle is another great lake if you want to spend the day on the water.

It is just beyond Herber Valley and it has three separate recreation areas like Ross Creek, Hailstone, and Rock Cliff.

There are plenty of other ways to enjoy this beautiful reservoir once you’re done wakeboarding.

It has some of the best hiking, fishing, and camping in Utah.

This reservoir is filled by the Provo River and it is just minutes away from other sightseeing opportunities if you’re coming in from out of state.

It’s important to certify your boat before you bring it into Jordanelle and you have to display the quagga form before launching your boat into the water.

You need to clean and drain your boat before entering into the lake to prevent it from contaminating the water, even if you were on Lake Powell.

If your boat has been in water that is outside of Utah, you may need to get it professionally decontaminated or wait 30 days to prevent mussels from getting into the water.

Strawberry Reservoir

Strawberry Reservoir is renowned for its trout fishing, but it is also a beautiful place to catch some air on your wakeboard!

There are few people riding on the reservoir because the water is so cold!

Make sure you bring your wetsuit if you plan on riding in the lake!

This is some of the smoothest riding in the state!

It is perfect for a one or two-day getaway since it is only 40 minutes outside Midvale.

There are also plenty of campgrounds to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The recreation area has four developed marinas that all have paved boat ramps.

The recreation area also has restaurants and a full-service lodge if you aren’t in the mood to camp.

Sand Hollow

If you don’t have a wetsuit or if you want to spend some time in warmer water, Sand Hollow is the perfect place for you to go wakeboarding.

Sand Hollow is one of the state’s warmest lakes and it is bordered by beautiful red rocks.

There are also sand dunes close to the lake if you want to spend the afternoon on your ATV.

Sand Hollow is a very popular state park where there is plenty to do!

Once you’re done wakeboarding, there are plenty of places to have a picnic, go fishing, ride ATVs, and camp.

It is located near St Goerge in the southwest area of the state.

There are a few entrance fees though it is only $15 per vehicle each day, which includes the watercraft launches.

Utah is a beautiful place to learn how to wakeboard.

There are many lakes and reservoirs where you can take your wakeboarding skills to the next level.

You can also plan a trip to stay for several days and enjoy the different outdoor activities.

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