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Most people look cooler with a hat on. And, if you are spending hours under the sun, you probably are cooler!

While hats are generally worn as fashion accessories or style accompaniments, they also retain functional and practical purposes.

For kiteboarders who are spending warm, or cold, days at a sunny or windy beach, wearing a hat can do more than just accentuate your look.

In this article, we will take a look at the best kiteboarding hats to help protect you on your next adventure.

After looking at why it might be appropriate to wear one, the article will give you some advice about what to look for in a hat.

Then, we will feature a list of three of the best hats for kiteboarding that will hopefully inform your decision to purchase a new one for both looks and practicality.

Why wear hats for kiteboarding?

While wearing a hat for kiteboarding is not compulsory, they are great additional pieces of gear you can keep around the closet or beach house.

For some people, they might be something that you will want to wear every time you hit the waves.

The following are some reasons that people invest in a good kiteboarding hat.

Sun protection

A primary purpose of a kiteboarding hat is sun protection. When you are on the board, flipping and sliding under your kite, you are more than likely also doing so underneath the sun.

Wearing a hat can protect your eyes, face, and even neck from sun exposure, especially since constantly reapplying sunscreen to wet skin can be uncomfortable and inconvenient.

If you are especially sensitive to the sun, finding a cap with a brim that extends all the way around your head is ideal.

For others, wearing a hat styled more like a baseball cap will protect your eyes and forehead from sun exposure.

Protection from the cold

Another reason kite boaders might wear a hat is simply to have some protection from colder winds or water.

Because kiteboarding hats are made to dry quickly, it can be nice to have another layer on top of your head—especially if you have short hair or are bald—during winter kiteboarding.

Some caps also have thicker straps that cover your ears, helping to prevent cold winds from freezing your wet ears.

Protection from impact or objects

Like all headgear, wearing a hat can provide a bit of protection from headfirst landings or accidental impact from small objects on the water.

While a hat is never a replacement for a helmet, and you should always wear helmets in activities that require it, keeping a hat on during kiteboarding is like having a bit of a buffer between the elements and your bare skin.

What to look for in a good kiteboarding hat

Now that you know more about why kiteborading hats might be necessary in certain situations, it is important to know what to look for when you are selecting one for yourself.

The following functions are things that you will want to consider when looking at the kind of kiteboarding hat you want to purchase.

Brim or bill

Since sun protection is one of the primary purposes of kiteboarding hats, the brim size makes a big difference in the protection you will receive.

As mentioned in the previous section, some kiteboarding hats are designed with a brim that extends all the way around the hat.

This maximizes sun protection and helps drain any water that may get onto the hat.

Other hats are designed more like baseball caps and feature a brim that extends over the eyes, which helps protect your eyes and forehead from the sun.

Check on the length of the brim if you do not want to long of one that might distract you when you are surfing.

Chin strap

Any good kiteboarding hat needs to have a chin strap. Otherwise, that thing will just blow right off of you the second you get a gust of wind!

When looking at hats with chin straps, make sure that they are adjustable.

Being made out of a flexible, comfortable, and quick drying material material is also important, so that you can wear it for several hours without feeling uncomfortable from any chafing or dampness.

Quick-dry material

In additional a quick-dry chin strap, the whole hat should be made out of a quick drying material.

Do you really want your head to stay wet when you are in and out of the water?

Many kiteboarding hats are made of neoprene or mesh, so you can stay as dry as possible when you are out of the water.

Quick-dry materials tend to be lightweight and flexible, as well, so they are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and might not even feel like you have much on the top of your head at all.

Best kiteboarding hats

If you are still looking for the best kiteboarding hat for your needs, take a look below at our list of the top three.

These caps include some elements from each of the categories listed above, so hopefully will help you make your decision when purchasing a new kiteboarding hat.

Dakine Surf Cap

This cool cap looks sort of like a cross between a helmet and a baseball cap. The brim of the hat is not too big, giving you just enough eye protection without being hindered by too big of a bill that might be distracting when looking around.

The chin strap features larger covering over the ears, which will keep your ears protected from the sun and colder gusts of wind.

It is made out of a quick dry nylon, so you will rest assured that you will not have uncomfortable moisture in your head when you are out of the water.

The best features of this hat are its adjustable chin strap and snap back, which allows wearers with different sized heads to find a comfortable fit and be confident that the cap will not pop off during a fall or a heavy gust of wind.

The Dakine Surf Cap comes in two colors, a classic black and a heather gray. The simple design is attractive for many different styles of kindboarders.

It comes in one size, and would be suitable for both male and female surfers.

Because of its design, though, there is no sun protection for the back of the neck. You will want to make sure to apply extra sunscreen back there before you head into the sun.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could work for your kite boarding needs.

FCS Wetbucket Surfing Hat

This is probably the most functional and feature-rich hat on this list. The FCS Wetbucket Surfing Cap is made of a quick dry microfiber, and features a wide, all-around brim that helps protect from the sun and drain water.

For kiteboarders, other great features include a cord that can connect directly to your rash guard that ensures the cap will not fly off during your boarding session.

The headband and straps additionally help you to keep the hat on, so you know it is not going anywhere.

Still, there is a quick release fastener if you decide suddenly that you do not want it on anymore!

This cap is available on Amazon in two sizes, Medium and Large. This is a bit of a bummer for riders with larger heads, though bigger sizes might become available at another time.

The hat also comes in three different colors: a sand hue, dark gray, and a lighter gray. This cap is suitable for both male and female kiteboarders.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

Ocean & Earth Mens Kuta Blue Mesh Trucker Surf Cap – Adjustable

This cap made the list mainly because of its unique design. It’s like being a trucker on the water!

The front bill protects your eyes from sunlight, allowing you to focus on doing the grinds and jumps up ahead.

The mesh material allows it to dry quickly, ensuring that you do not have the wet cap feel that you might when getting poured on at a baseball game.

While it is marketed for men—and sorry, ladies, for not including a women specific cap on this list—it still would fit any kiteboarder because of its adjustable strap.

This strap is cushioned to allow you to wear it for several hours at a time, without worrying about it getting blown away by the wind or falling off during a bail.

It comes in black in one size.

One downside of this cap is that because of its trucker design, there is no sun protection for the back of your neck.

If you are a male or female with longer hair this might not bother you, but otherwise you should slather a lot of sunscreen below your hairline to make sure you do not become a “red neck”.

Additionally, even with the strap, kite boarders with very large heads or more oval shaped ones might feel more comfortable with a different style.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this hat may work for you.

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