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Being a beginner at anything can be overwhelming. If you feel an excessive amount of information to digest awaits you, you are not alone. Starting from square one as a kiteboarder is no different.

As you start your kiteboarding journey you’ll encounter a need for equipment that may have not previously crossed through your sphere of awareness.

In this article we’ll break down what to look for in the best kiteboarding harness.

Kiteboarding harnesses are not necessary for the sport, but recommended due to many benefits. With a harness you have increased ability for balanced action within the body, rotating and shifting on the board while being able to control your kite with one hand.

Body weight transfers out of your hands, into your torso and legs with a harness, aiding in creating an anchor point and minimizing exhaustion of your hands, wrists, and arms.

A word on kite boarding harnesses


Searching for a beginner harness for kiteboarding, expect your harness to include other features including leash attachment rings, a hook, spreader bar, and a system of belts and straps.


  • Fit – Look for a harness size that will fit snugly around your waist. Not too tight though, as constricted breathing can lessen your ability to perform. 
  • Safety – Adjustable leg and waist straps give you freedom to customize harness fit to the specifications of your body, ensuring it stays adequately cinched around your waist. Concealed knife pockets make toting your essential hook knife easy.
  • Comfort – Proper fit mixed with adequate safety yield comfort. Other attributes to look for when selecting the best kiteboarding harness are internal padding. Memory foam is a great one to look out for, creating a more customized harness with each usage.
  • Quality – Reinforced back materials hold up against impact and better support hips and backs. Neoprene cushion and hook protection and quality metal strength are pros. Purchasing a harness made of durability increases the lifetime and investment of whichever harness is right for you.


Beginner kiteboarding harness style doesn’t equate to fashion in the way you’d expect annual fashion houses showcasing next season’s hottest looks.

There are three main styles, each providing benefits depending on skill level and preference.

  • Seat – Seated harnesses are the original harness style. Resembling a diaper fit, seat harnesses are great for beginners due to a lower center of gravity. With comprehensive waist, buttocks, and hips coverage, free swimming is more constricted.
  • Waist – Waist harnesses encompass the waist and often have a higher back, providing more back support for longer rides or wave riders who don’t unhook. You’ll have more motility for aerial tricks in a waist harness.
  • Board Shorts – These harnesses are built into board shorts giving a minimalistic style with a lower hook point.

Fixed vs. Sliding Spreader Bar

The spreader bar on a kiteboarding harness serves two purposes. First and foremost, it holds the hook, the place where you and your kite bar connect.

Second, it serves to keep your harness in place, avoiding the sides of the harness squeezing in to pinch or ride up.

Fixed spreader bars have a hook, a stationary place that your kite moves from.

As a beginner, a fixed spreader bar is good to learn unhooking, disconnecting your body from the kite.

In the event your kite begins to tailspin or you are being dragged over unsafe, rocky surfaces, you’ll want to disconnect from your kite. Practicing reaching for a fixed place feels safer for some.

Sliding bars are just as the sound, mobile, allowing the kite to slide across the point of connect as you twist and maneuver.

Particularly when riding toe side, where hip rotation is necessary to swivel your feet 180°, a fluid sliding spreader bar gives you more range of motion. 

Best Kiteboarding Harness for Beginners

There are a number of harness options to use for kite boarding beginners. You should always consult an industry professional before use.

The following options may prove a good place from which to begin your search.

Mystic AVIATOR Kitesurf Seat Harness 2018 – Teal

With Mystic’s seated kitesurf harness, beginners have an extra advantage. Lower your center of gravity with Mystic’s AVIATOR Seat Harness. You’ll feel locked in and comfortable with an ergonomic design.

The leg straps are designed for comfort letting you focus on changing winds ahead rather than a creeping, irritating safety harness. Internal foam panels add cushion to your seat.

A basic spreader with 2-point system aides beginners practicing unhooking. The spreader down systems keeps the bar from flipping upwards, further expanding any beginners ability to remain in kite control and safe.

Double power leash rings located to the left or right give you accessibility if needed for leash release.

Neoprene buckle covers and leg straps protect skin from heated metal on the most penetratingly heated days.

The teal back panel juxtaposes a front black panel, adding a lively, oceanic hue to classic black.

From explansive sizes ranging from X-Small to XX-Large, the right fit exists for all riders.

Check in with Mystic’s comprehensive size indicator chart when selecting the size for you. Consider not just rider waist size but also bar style and size.

View at Amazon for more information on how this harness might work for your kiting needs.

Dakine Pyro Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Surfing Kite Harness Seaford – Unisex

Dakine has been an industry leader in outdoor gear and water sports, producing trusted and quality equipment. The Pyro Kiteboarding/surfing kite harness is no exception. 

For beginners looking for an alternative to a seat harness will like Dakine’s higher profile waist harness.

More freedom to swim unconstrained while offering physical and mental reinforcement kitesurfers of all levels benefit from.

The Adaptive Fit Composite back panel plus the Texon stiffener creates sturdy construction and maximum support without compromising comfort.

The inner support is pre-curved P.E.B lined with lightweight ES molded foam.

Memory foam further customizes this harness to your body with each ride. With no pressure points and a hugging fit, comfort and control abound.

Choose between left and right sides for your leash attachment with this harness. Two side knife pockets with elastic loops gives you more security keeping not one, but two hook knives nearby. 

The push button Dakine hammerhead spreader bar with freedom shape spreader bar pad gives you more range of motion and freedom while wave riding and tricks and peace of mind for a quick release.

Additionally, this harness is compatible with Dakine’s Maniac spreader bar. 

Manufacturer Dakine offers a two year limited warranty.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this harness may work for you.

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