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Hypto Krypto, the ultimate surfing board! The 1 board quiver that brings a new meaning to paddling.

With the Hypto Krypto you paddle with ease and increased speed. It is the perfect surfboard for riding big waves. The Hypto Krypto is a dream for every surfer.

Can you make an already seemingly perfect surfboard anymore perfect? When it comes adding the best fins for hypto krypto the answer is yes!

If you want to help your Hypto Krypto become the best performing surfboard you will ever have you need the perfect fins for your perfect board. 

You should be able ride waves knowing that your board will deliver the best performance during every wave you surf.

In this article we are going to talk about different types of fins and why choosing the right one is important, what to look for in order to equip your board with the right fins, and make some great suggestions for fins that we think will be the perfect match for your Hypto Krypto!

Types of Fins

Single Fins

These may be considered outdated by many surfers, but are an option nonetheless. Single fins work well with longboards for small/medium, fat and weak waves.

Single fins do not give you as much control as you would have with more than one fin.

Twin Fins

Twin fins are usually for smaller surf boards. With twin fins you tend to have more control over your board and can maneuver a lot easier than you can with a single fin.

Thruster/Tri Fin

You are probably getting the pattern by now. Thruster or Tri fins are 3 fin setups. This set up is the most popular among all surfers.

Tri fins aid your board even in harsh conditions. If you are a hardcore surfer who loves to ride big waves you will most likely benefit from the tri fin setup.

Quad Fin

You guessed it! The Quad fin is a 4 fin setup. This set up works really well with small surf.

It gives plenty of stability to your board while decreasing drag since it does not have a center fin. 

5 Fins

The 5 fin set up is the next option. The difference with this setup is that you do not put all 5 fins on at once.

The 5 fin setup gives you the options to mix which fins you use based on what works best for the type of waves you ride. 

2+1 Fin Setup

This setup has a longboard fin in the middle and 2 thruster fins on either side of the single fin. It is popular on eggs, funboards, logs, and SUPs.

Choosing the right one: Why is it important?

You have already invested in one of the best surfboards on the market, which means when it comes to surfing you mean business.

Choosing just any fin set up without knowing how it will affect your performance is not something a serious surfer is going to do.

Needless to say, performance matters. Fins are the most important thing next to your surfboard.

Fins are supposed to work in unison with your board. Each type of fin has a purpose.

Some work better for small surf while others make surfing easier for large, rough surf. The conditions in which you are surfing will shape the decision you make on which fin setup you use. 

So which option should you choose for the Hypto Krypto?

This is actually an easy answer. Hayden Cox, the designer of the Hypto Krypto, specifically formed the newest version of the Hypto Krypto in a way that can support the 5 fin setup.

There are already so many benefits to owning the Hypto Krypto, but with the 5 fin set up you will be unstoppable!

The option to experiment with the placement of fins according to your style of surfing is what makes that decision a no brainer. Hayden just made it easier for you!

What to look for in good fins for Hypto Krypto

  • Size — Your weight will depend on the size of fin you need. Check out the chart in this guide to determine which size fins you need. 
  • Rake — The rake is the arc of the fin. A small arc is ideal for large waves and wide turns. A large arc is ideal for small waves and quick/sharp turns.
  • Foil — The foil is the shape of the fin from front to back and is what contributes to the lift under your board. 
  • Length and Base — The length of the fin contributes to the responsiveness of your board to turns. The base is the widest part of the fin and what connects the fin to the board. The base provides the fins strength. They both work together to stabilize your board as it turns.
  • Flex — The flexibility of the fin will determine your surfing experience. More flexible fins give you easier/more playful maneuverability whereas less flexible fins give you more control and speed.

Now that we went over what to look for, let’s check out some great fins for your Hypto Krypto.

Best Fins for Hypto Krypto

Surf Squared Futures Large Thruster Fins

This large 5 fin set supports a weight of 150 lbs or more. These thruster fins are ultra-light, high performance honeycomb fins that are made for the pros.

They have a medium base that produces great drive while also making it easy to carve hard in the pocket and with 10/10 flex you can surf free or carve hard. 

The template for these fins is made for generating speed which is why it is so popular with the pros.

In fact, these thruster fins are pro tested and the feedback is none other than praise for their versatility.

Whatever condition you surf in, these fins will aid in providing the best surfing experience for you and your Hypto Krypto.

Created by two surfers who know how important the quality of fins are, you can be sure that you will get high quality, high performance fins. 


  • High performance
  • High Quality
  • 10/10 Flex
  • Ultra-light Honeycomb Construction
  • Good for all conditions

Futures Fins • Surfboard Fins [Choose Set] • F6 Alpha Thruster • John John Techflex • AM2 Alpha Tri Fin • Machado HC Quad Fin Set • Rasta Quads (5 Fins)

This best seller Futures Fins set is great for so many different styles. Since it comes with many options you can choose the set that best fits your surfing style.

We are going to discuss the F6 Alpha Thruster set, but we recommend you take a look at all available options. 

The F6 Alpha Thrusters is a medium sized fin set and is great for all-around surfing. Its template is in the Neutral category so it is balanced, hence the “all-around” mention.

It is great for control and drive, and works well in drawn-out turns. It has honeycomb construction and rakes, making it lightweight.

As all Futures fins, these have also been tested and approved by the best of the best.

They are built to last with high quality material and made to deliver high quality performance.

Their design is sleek and stylish and will look great on your Hypto Krypto.


  • Neutral template
  • High performance
  • Quality material
  • Honeycomb construction
  • Provide control and drive

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