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As the summer time approaches and the air warms up, everyone will soon flock to the lake and break out their floating devices for a relaxing day on the water.

Now is a better time than ever to discover the benefits of owning a paddleboard, however, what if this is a device that is too long to transport back and forth?

This is when an inflatable paddle board will come in handy.

If this purchase is deemed worthy for you, then you will need to find the best electric pump for an inflatable paddleboard. 

Getting started

First, let’s talk about what a paddle board is, and if the inflatable option is best for you or not.

Paddleboarding is a water sport that is quick to catch onto if you have even the slightest bit of balance.

These boards come in handy when wanting to travel a short distance, or maybe exploring a body of water without a motor.

Whatever the reason is for wanting a paddleboard, it is a great tool for both getting around and relaxing. 

When purchasing an inflatable paddleboard, it is best to do extensive research on the product.

With such a new innovation, many companies are trying to enter the market fast, and may be doing so with products made from iffy material to be able to sell quickly and numerously.

This sort of research is not difficult, and it is best to purchase from brands that are known for their quality regular paddleboards, chances are they’ll make a sturdy inflatable version. 

Paddleboarding is known for being a water sport, therefore many activities can be completed with these.

Sports such as surfing, yoga, and even racing are all common with paddleboard users. 

You want to be aware of what you will be using this board for most, and center your search around this.

For example, a new way of yoga has arisen, and it is done on paddleboards.

The balance that these boards require add an extra element to yoga that has been proven helpful; a perfect example as to why a paddleboard is a wonderful purchase.

An inflatable paddleboard is ideal for traveling in a car that doesn’t have the room for a regular one, but the flip side is that you have to figure out how to blow it up.

Many pumps for these boards are hand pumps, but these can get tiring very quickly.

This is why an electric pump will work well; you can press a button and enjoy your full paddle board minutes later. 

Difficulties surrounding the ability to pump an inflatable board can arise when it comes to where you are needing to blow it up, what resources you have around, and how much time you have. 

Some pumps require a car to work, using the motor, which has many positives and negatives which we will discuss soon.

Other pumps run off of portable features that allow you to carry it with you, but you might notice difficulty in keeping up with the pump. 

In regards to pumps that require a car, you want to make sure that this is something that your car can handle at the time, seeing that this will take some of the juice from your battery.

If this is possible, then this pump works really well in most situations because it is easy to get hooked up and attend to the rest of the things you have to get ready for your day.

This type of pump is also ideal when you are bringing your paddle board somewhere that you can not take a pump.

It is simple to blow the board up, and then you have a full functioning paddle board at your disposal. 

Pumping up an inflatable paddleboard can take anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes depending on the size of the board.

This time frame varies with the level of pump being used, but typically it does not require a large amount of time to get your board working and ready for your adventure. 

Some may ask, is it possible to over pump your paddle board?

This is a valiant question seeing that a product like an inflatable paddleboard doesn’t come with a cheap price tag, but it is very hard to put too much air in, these boards are typically extremely durable. 

When shopping for a pump to suit you and your needs, it is important that you find one that will serve you the best, since this is the lifeline for your paddleboard to work.

Best electric pumps for inflatable paddle boards

There are a number of electric pump options that could potentially work well for use with your inflatable paddle board.

It’s important to always consult an industry professional before using any new product with your board to ensure its safety and appropriateness.

The following options may provide a good place from which to begin your search.

Seamax SUP20D 20PSI Double Stage Electric Air Pump for Inflatable SUP and Boat, New Version Intelligent Firmware with Built-in Temperature Sensor and Time Counter

This electric air pump is made from the company Seamax, which is a trusted brand that makes high quality products which is important when choosing something to invest money into.

Apart from the basic functions of blowing up a paddleboard, this pump has features that really will come into handy. 

Of the many positives this pump poses, the first on the list is the smart technology capabilities.

This pump is able to tell when the paddleboard is done and stops the airflow, preventing the paddle board of overflowing.

This feature is called an Auto Stop protection feature and it is smart to look for this in other electric pumps also.

This isn’t necessarily a must, but it sure is helpful so you are able to carry on with other tasks. 

This pump is very light, with it only weighing 4 pounds so it is able to be easily stored and carried with all of the other baggage you may or may not have with you.

It has a sleek blue and black finish so it doesn’t stand out but you will always be able to locate it. 

Some other features that make this filter a good choice are the built in sand filter, components that reduce noise so it isn’t unnecessarily loud, and a handle for easy handling. 

View at Amazon for more information on how this pump might work for you.

NALANDA 20 PSI SUP Pump, Electric Air Pump Quick-Fill 12V Pump for Inflatable Tent, Kayaks, Water Sports Float

This inflatable paddleboard is powered by a method previously discussed earlier; through your car!

It requires a 12V power cigarette lighter or car power supply to work.

This is ideal so that you are able to leave the pump back in the car when you are ready to use your board.

Nalanda is a trusted brand that makes various aquatic products such as regular and inflatable paddle boards, and their pumps are sure to not stray from the good quality they promise. 

This pump comes in three different sizes, with ring thickness ranging from 0.3mm to .5mm and .6mm. It features the airflow of 350L and 20PSI of high pressure air. 

It is just as important to buy a pump that will get your board blown up quickly and efficiently, but when searching, it is important to find a pump that is equally proficient in deflating as well.

This pump by Nalanda specializes in its deflation features, holding the capability to take the air out in a matter of minutes. 

Physically speaking, this pump is ideal for travel since it is so lightweight.

It sports a handle with the buttons necessary to operate, and the handle makes it easy to take around and use.

This pump has the necessary features to truly be able to use with ease. 

View at Amazon for more information on how this pump might work for you.

New 20PSI SUP Electric High Air Pump, 12V Smart high Pressure Pump with Intelligent Dual Stage & Auto-Off Function for Air Mattresses, Inflatables Boats, Tent,Stand Up Paddle Boards

This inflatable paddleboard pump is made by Furein, another trusted company that makes quality products, which like we always say, is extremely important when selecting which pump is right for you.

These purchasing instances are times where you want to make sure you are going with a pump that is from a trusted brand so that your investment is worth it. 

This pump supports air pressures ranging from .5 to 20 PSI, which is ideal depending on the type of paddleboard you own.

The method of electricity for this pump is through a cigarette lighter, but the chord provided with the pump runs almost 10 feet so it is perfect for mobility if you need to pump your board up away from the car. 

In regards to the physical aspects of the pump, it weighs about 7 pounds, which is perfect for storing and handling.

It comes with a handle on top of the ease of carrying.

This brand is also known for its versatility with its products.

This pump can be used with anything else that needs to be blown up like air mattresses, tents, etc.

Even though you are here to find a pump for paddle boards, it can’t hurt to know that what you are purchasing can be used for your other possessions also.

This is an ideal pump for a camping trip, it does it all! 

View at Amazon for more information on how this pump might work with your SUP.

Featured image credit: DepositPhotos.com @AnoushkaToronto