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You’ve just selected your ideal bodyboard; the exact fit that you’ve been on the hunt for. But you didn’t attach the leash quite yet.

As you glide near the shore over a shadowy rip current sweeps your bodyboard out from under you. It’s gone. Your perfect board and financial investment are gone, succumbing to the ocean’s power.

With a small amount of time and investment, the best bodyboard leash will keep this scenario from happening to you.

Bodyboard Leash Basics

Your bodyboard leash is an integral part of your bodyboarding experience for safety and board preservation.

Know these key elements when selecting a bodyboard leash for purchase.

  • Plug: The plug imbeds into your bodyboard at a secure point of insertion. Once installed, you’ll want the plug to lie flush with the top deck or bottom slick skin. Check leash descriptions to verify if a plug is included with leash purchase. As a protective measure, most plugs are made of plastic. In the event of physical, or specifically, face collision with your bodyboard, a material more forgiving than metal will be your ally.
  • String: Connecting the plug and the cord, the knot in the leash string needs to be tight to withstand impact. Shorter strings are most desireable.
  • Cord: A coiled leash curve is what you want to look for. Thrashing surf separating you and your bodyboard tempt the distance of your leash’s length. Cord recoil over time and through usage is essential. When a leash stretches beyond the point of recoil, it’s time to invest in a new one. Never forget investment in a leash an investment in personal safety.
  • Cuff: The cuff physically connects the cord and your body; be on the look out for a leash with a comfortably fitting cuff. Tight without discomfort. Think about the last time you had your blood pressure checked; snug without strangling.

Arm Placement

Bodyboard leashes come in wrist or bicep styles. Wrist leashes are nice for beginners, keeping your board within arms length after wipeouts.

Bicep leashes have an advantage of higher arm positioning, thus keeping the cord out of the water and preventing drag when paddling.

When placing a leash on your arm, internally rotate your arm from the shoulder and with your thumb facing down insert your arm through the cuff.

This action keeps the coil or rope resting on the deck board rather than dragging outside your board, reducing friction through water.

Board Placement

Once you’ve selected your desired bodyboard leash, attaching it to your board is the next step.

You may purchase a customized board and have the seller attach the leash for you. You’ll still need to tell them the location of the leash installation.

Generally left-handed boarders will want a leash installed on the left side of the deck and right-handed boarders on the right side.

Center installation is an option too, one that often benefits advanced bodyboarders.

As you are able to negotiate varying waves, adapting to vacillating conditions a center-mounted leash provides greater options.

Drop knee boarders may also prefer center placement, as well as a longer leash, for increased maneuverability.

Some custom bodyboard manufacturers will install the leash for you at the placement of your direction.

Self leash installation isn’t laborious or overly complicated, an option many boarders elect. Check out this short tutorial on how to install a leash onto your board.

Bodyboard leashes, whether wrist or bicep, left, center, or right positioned, are key to your bodyboarding experience.

Relative to the monetary output, the investment is well worth your while.

Best Bodyboard Leash

If you’re looking for the right bodyboard leash, there are a number of options that may work for you. The following products may prove a good place to begin your search.

XM Bodyboard Leash/Power Ring/Elbow-Bicep/Coil // Made in USA / 3 Year Stoked Warranty

XM | Surf revolutionized water board sports with improvements to leash technology. A leader in the evolution of surf and bodyboard leashes from leather straps and Bungee cords to what they are today.

This .270 inch diameter, urethane cord is one of the most durable on the market. 

The coiled cord is 42” in length. With heavy-duty construction it withstands battering waves and elongates recoil life.

The one inch hook and loop, single-wrap strap makes fitting easeful.

Once positioned on your arm, velcro secures the strap in the wake of the most substantial boarding conditions.

Neoprene lines the cuff offering maximum comfort for a leash designed to be worn on your upper arm, between your elbow and bicep.

Keep the top of your board flat after installation with the flat-top anchor. Stitch pull-outs are a no worry with an ultra sturdy ring that goes around the webbing.

Beyond traditional black cuff and coil, you have options of blue, yellow, and red.

This bodyboard leash is designed and manufactured in the US as well as product tested in California.

A Stoked warranty covers this leash for three years.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could work for you while bodyboarding.

WOOWAVE Bodyboard Leash Wrist Surf Leash Coiled Bodyboarding Leash Premium Coil Body Board Leash with Plug

Woowave’s wrist leash is great for beginning bodyboarders. The cuff wraps around your wrist, staying in place through outstanding design.

The high density neoprene cushioned cuff is ultra comfortable, minimizing slippage and chaffing.

The surrounding fortified velcro strap holds the cuff secure once you’ve adjusted to your wrist and is just as easily released at the end of your adventure.

And because it is adjustable, although intended to be worn on the wrist, can accommodate a bicep up to 14” in diameter.

Slip-proof and flexible fit is the prime combination, giving you nothing but the next wave break to worry about.

Including a plug, this leash is easily installed and interchangeable among different boards.

Double stainless-steel swivels connecting the cuff and coil allowing leash mobility and minimize tangle while pressing into the surf.

The 5.5 mm cord is lightweight, adding no noticeable weight as you paddle away from the shore.

Uncoiled, you have five feet of flexibility anytime you and your board part ways. 

Additionally you have a choice of yellow or orange cords.

The lifetime warranty makes this a no-risk bodyboard leash. In the event this bodyboard leash becomes damaged, submitting a photo garners a replacement at no charge.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.

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